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Business Innovation in Changing Time - Presented by Karen Dubeau from Starshine Video Productions on Vimeo.

Small businesses need to be able to stay on top of key trends and technologies, learn best practices and access the resources they need to be successful. By collaborating with key community stakeholders, the Muskoka Biz Series focuses on the idea that together we can create greater results for small businesses than what can be achieved by working independently. 

This series will assist small- and medium-sized business adopt strategic technologies and stay competitive through innovative and informative events that connect business owners with leading experts and high-profile keynote speakers. JOIN THE CONVERSATION ON INNOVATION IN MUSKOKA NOW!


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Q: What portions of the YRBiz Series resonated with you?

A: Continuity of 6-8 events per year. Currently there are a lot of duplicate events in Muskoka. This series allows for advanced planning for attendees.

Q: What appetite is there for innovation from the communities?

A: Need to have those creative thinkers to start the conversations.

A: Break the distance barriers by having people get together regularly. Give local businesses the chance to be shown to a broader audience.

Q: How do we make INNOVATION work in Muskoka?

A: Get chambers and politicians onside.

A: Attract outside investment to local businesses, and get outside businesses to relocate locally

A: Need the inventory of the innovative companies that become your ambassadors: People in Stratford that got together (grassroots organization) that talked about tech in the community

A: Need to get the sexy topic and draw in the bigger crowd. You need to show how it connects and can help local small producers. Collaborating partners need to decide what is the hot topic and tie it into the core issues.

Q: YRBiz hasn’t yet succeeded at attracting youth. Is this an area we can target?

A: Bring coding to high schools so that tech skills needed by bigger companies can be found locally. Look into having big tech companies sponsor the programs within the schools.
Q: What are the barriers to Innovation?

A: Geography. We need to draw from beyond Muskoka

A: Municipal Government should attend the events. Develop something ‘new’ so it doesn’t fit within municipal constraints.